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Home Shopping Networks

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Back in high school I was such a night owl. I would stay up late into the night on the computer or talking on the phone to my friends. Somehow the tv was always on, and it always ended up on the home shopping networks. I loved seeing things being sold interactively online. If you've never seen a home shopping network, it's a whole TV show dedicated to selling one item at a time. They often show how to use high-end but reasonably priced items.

Online Shopping

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Last year for Christmas, my family couldn't all be together. For the first time ever, we bought presents for each other online. We got to send them straight from the website to family members' homes, without having to wrap or ship a single thing! My grandma sent us so many presents online that every week in December felt just like Christmas. We got home from work and had a present sitting on our doorstep! See how you can shop online on page 2.

Online, or At Home?

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Maybe you don't want to brave the crowds of a mall to go shopping. But as a novice, should you choose to buy something online or from a home shopping network? If you want to buy high-end objects and see how they really look in real life, you can try shopping from a TV. You'll get to see models using that object. If you like to read reviews or compare prices, buy the object online where multiple items can be seen in the same screen.

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